Training & Assistance

Focus Cities and States are eligible to receive free training and technical assistance from our team of expert instructors. Our current list of training courses is included below and in this Training Menu. If your agency needs assistance with a topic that isn’t currently included here, please contact us to learn more about tailored training and technical assistance options.


Introductory Courses

If your agency is new to the program or wants to get back to basics, this is a good place to start.

Designing for Pedestrian Safety

Fundamentals of design and safety countermeasures for pedestrians.

Designing for Bicyclist Safety

Fundamentals of design and safety countermeasures for bicyclists.

Designing for Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety

Combination of the designing for pedestrian safety and designing for bicyclist safety courses.

Bikeway Selection Guide

Factors to consider for planning and selecting different types of bike facilities.


Advanced Courses

Take the next step and dive into the details of designs, countermeasures and policies with these courses.

Designing for Pedestrian Safety 201

In-depth coverage of safety countermeasures selected in advance by the host agency.

Complete Streets Implementation

Improving pedestrian and bicyclist safety using a complete streets approach.

Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Action Plan Workshop

Multidisciplinary approaches to analyzing data and improving safety for bicyclists and pedestrians.


Other Training Options

Training and technical assistance options listed below go beyond our standard in-person training courses to provide a tailored response to your local safety needs.

Road Safety Audits

Guidance for conducting pedestrian- and bicycle-focused road safety audits of corridors and intersections.

Executive-Level Briefings

Provide information about pedestrian and bicyclist safety to decision makers and “make the case” for prioritizing safety.

On-Demand Technical Assistance

Our team is available to respond to a wide range of issues related to bicyclist and pedestrian safety. We can hold conference calls to discuss particular issues and locations, or even provide guidance for data analysis. We have developed and delivered courses on complete streets policies, road diets, and a number of other topics as needs arise.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Training Courses

NHTSA offers two pedestrian and bicycle safety training courses related to program management for highway safety professionals and partners. For more information, contact your NHTSA Regional office.