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Please direct your questions about the program to the following individuals:

Tamara Redmon

Federal Highway Administration Office of Safety

Phone: 202-366-4077


Keith Sinclair

Federal Highway Administration Resource Center

Phone: 667-219-0096


Elissa Goughnour


Phone: 571-389-8118


Dan Gelinne

UNC Highway Safety Research Center

Phone: 919-962-8703





The following individuals serve as instructors and deliver courses to agencies around the country.


Brooke Struve, Safety and Geometric Design Engineer, FHWA Resource Center

Brooke Struve is a Safety and Geometric Design Engineer for the Federal Highway Administration’s Resource Center. She is based in Lakewood, Colorado, but provides technical assistance and training nationwide on design flexibility, performance-based design decision-making, and designing for the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists. Prior to joining the Resource Center, she was on the Preconstruction Team in FHWA’s Office of Infrastructure. There she worked to advance best practices in the design discipline across the agency and provide technical support for Interstate access, geometric design, and accessible design for disabled pedestrians. Brooke has worked as a Project Manager for FHWA’s Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division and as a Team Leader for the Utah Department of Transportation, leading the development and design of projects ranging from low-volume recreational roads to urban arterials and freeways. Brooke has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Brigham Young University and is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Utah.


Peter Eun, Transportation Safety Engineer, FHWA Resource Center

Peter Eun is a Transportation Safety Engineer with the FHWA Resource Center’s Safety & Design Technical Service Team and is located in Olympia Washington.  He began in transportation as an intern in the Traffic Division at Pierce County in Washington.  He began his career with FHWA in 1998 on the Professional Development Program.  He has worked in Wyoming, Texas, Utah, Colorado, and Washington. Most of his 18 years has been in safety, but he’s had responsibilities in ITS, construction and environmental programs.  He also worked as FHWA liaison to NHTSA where he helped coordinate efforts between the 3 E’s of safety.  In his present position he is leading the Every Day Counts 4 STEP (Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian) initiative. He also co-manages the Pedestrian Bicycle Safety Program for the Resource Center, provides both classroom and distance learning in Pedestrian Safety, develops online/distance learning training, and provides technical assistance in the area of safety.


Margaret Kubilins, Traffic Engineering Manager, VHB

Margaret Kubilins (VHB) has extensive professional experience in integrating traffic and mobility systems planning and design. She has been involved in a wide range of initiatives concentrating on viable traffic solutions and modal choice. By taking a complete streets approach and identifying opportunities to enhance mobility, Margaret develops context-sensitive design solutions to create livable communities.


Lauren Blackburn, Senior Project Manager, VHB

Lauren Blackburn is a Senior Project Manager who provides expertise to a variety of transportation, planning, and research projects. Her key areas of interest are in bicycle and pedestrian transportation, comprehensive planning, roadway safety, and community health. Prior to joining VHB, Lauren worked for the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) as the director of the Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation. Previously, she was the planning manager for the Town of Davidson, North Carolina, where she helped create the town’s land development plans and policies in coordination with Davidson College and other community partners.


Greg Bakos, Principal, Transportation Engineering Services Group, VHB

Greg Bakos is a principal within the Transportation Engineering services group at VHB in Bedford, NH. He manages projects in all three northern New England states and has experience in the redesign of New England downtowns. He has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Bucknell University and is a member of VHB’s Bike and Pedestrian Design and Healthy Community Design groups. He specializes in complete streets and bike/pedestrian design and serves on the board of the Bike-Walk Alliance of New Hampshire.


Mike Cynecki, Project Manager, Lee Engineering, LLC

Mr. Cynecki is currently Project Manager with Lee Engineering in Phoenix, Arizona, and recently retired from the City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department where he managed the Investigative Services Section, Traffic Safety Section, School Safety Section and Neighborhood Traffic Management Team for 22 years of his 26 year career with Phoenix. His last four years were managing the Traffic Signal Section and he was responsible for overseeing the installation of the first nine pedestrian hybrid beacons (also known as HAWKs) and first two Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons in Phoenix. He also has managed the Phoenix portion of the traffic signal system for the opening of the inaugural Light Rail Transit (LRT) system in Phoenix metropolitan area. His 32-year career also includes six years working as a consultant. Mr. Cynecki holds both a Bachelors’ and Masters’ of Science in Civil Engineering from Wayne State University, and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Arizona and Michigan. He has published over 24 pedestrian-related papers in such outlets as ITE Journal, Transportation Research Record, and others.


Demian Miller, Director of Safety and Policy Planning, Tindale-Oliver & Associates, Inc.

Demian Miller is trained as an Urban Planner, but has spent the last 10 years of his career working with Florida DOT and other transportation agencies to manage, organize, and analyze crash data; conduct site-specific and area-wide traffic safety studies; and assist in the development of safety programs. In 2008 and 2009 Mr. Miller worked with Florida DOT staff, local agency stakeholders, and FHWA experts to complete the first Pedestrian Safety Action Plans in Florida and has subsequently worked with Florida DOT and local agencies to implement key aspects of the plans including: integration of pedestrian safety and transit, better coordination of pedestrian safety with resurfacing programs, and project development for pedestrian safety infrastructure enhancements. Mr. Miller has also managed multimodal transportation studies and worked with several Florida communities to refine their regulatory framework to better address multimodal transportation needs. He serves as the Director of Safety and Policy Planning for Tindale‐Oliver & Associates, Inc., a Florida-based planning and engineering firm and lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife, Heather, and children, Otis and Oscar.


Ryan Snyder, Owner, Ryan Snyder Associates, LLC

Ryan Snyder owns a new-urbanist transportation consulting firm that prepares pedestrian, bicycle, and transit plans, as well as transportation plans for new smart growth development. He is certified as a National Safe Routes to School Instructor. Snyder has a BA in Economics and an MA in Urban Planning from UCLA. He is former Vice President of the Los Angeles Board of Transportation Commissioners.


Paul Zykofsky, Director, Land Use and Transportation Programs, Local Government Commission

Paul Zykofsky manages the Local Government Commission’s land use and transportation programs in Sacramento, CA, and has been Director of the Commission’s Center for Livable Communities since 1995. Mr. Zykofsky is co-author of Emergency Response: Traffic Calming and Traditional Neighborhood Streets and of the section on “walkability” in the American Planning Association’s Planning and Urban Design Standards published in 2006. Mr. Zykofsky is trained to be a facilitator to assist communities in developing Safe Routes to School Programs, as well as one of 15 nationally certified instructors for the Federal Highway Administration courses on pedestrian safety and developing a pedestrian safety plan.